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The nose can stand tall on the face because it has the "support" from the nasal bone and nasal cartilage, and the strength of such support determines the shape of the nose. Therefore, the nasal bone and nasal cartilage are like the building's reinforced concrete, playing a supporting role in the nose sculpturing surgery.

In nose-sculpturing surgery, the materials that play the "supporting" role must be autologous tissues rather than the artificial ones.plastic surgery in taiwan prices It is because such supporter must withstand pressure for extensive period of time, plastic surgery in taiwanand the artificial materials will eventually displace or protrude under the skin surface. The best autologous tissues, meanwhile, are the autologous cartilage because its hardness can provide enough support and yet not hard to the extent to cause issue, so it is the best material.

The costal cartilage is located between the ribs and the sternum (see figure) and can provide a large amount of materials, so it is an important source of cartilage material for nasal reconstruction. Costal cartilages are less used in the nasal plastic surgeries, but in some severe cases of collapses, costal cartilages are still required.

The method is to incise an opening of 3-4cm in the lower edge of the sternal and then take out the costal cartilages, and then carve out the shape according to the area that needs the support to extend the nasal septum and pad the nasal tip and nasal bridge.

Rhinoplasty with Autologous Tissue

Most Oriental has the demand of increasing nose bridge, but some of them prefer it shorter or smaller. Therefore, I would name Rhinoplasty for Oriental ‘Nasal Sculpture’.
As a result, Nasal Sculpture requires artificial implant so as to higher nose bridge and nasion, even lengthen nasal septum.